Advance Your Career with Our MS in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Clarkson’s undergraduate degree in global supply chain management (GSCM) has been ranked among the top 20 programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report for 16 years. Building on this strong track record, we’ve expanded our program this summer, offering New York state’s first online master’s in supply chain management, with the goal of helping students advance their careers. 

Supply chain management careers are in demand in many different industries, from large pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations to aerospace firms, to well-known household products companies. For those currently working in the supply chain field, a master’s in SCM will provide you with the advanced expertise needed to move up the ladder into a management/leadership role, such as sourcing managers, distribution managers, operations managers and directors of materials management.

The Clarkson Approach to SCM

The success of the Clarkson program lies in its unique approach. While many programs are siloed within a specific department, focusing on specified areas of the supply chain, at Clarkson, we take a collaborative systems approach. This involves faculty and courses from across departments and disciplines, providing a holistic view of knowledge, and building a curriculum that covers all facets of supply chain management. We train our students in every aspect of the complex system in a supply chain, mastering the concepts of operations management, marketing, information systems, human resource management, strategic management, and economics.

Holistic Online Learning  

With an entirely online curriculum, our program is specifically designed for working professionals. Building on the success of Clarkson’s highly ranked online MBA program (ranked in the top 90 Best Online MBA Programs by the U.S. News & World Report), our online curriculum emphasizes personal interactions with your fellow students and faculty. The combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities have been carefully designed to ensure that our students experience all the same activities as an on-campus program. 

Our live, synchronous classroom sessions guarantee an individualized learning experience based on your interests and areas of focus. Faculty facilitate interactive discussions with a focus on real-world cases and examples that help our students build critical thinking skills. These sessions also provide ample opportunity for interacting with industry professionals and building a strong network to draw on over the course of your career. 

We also understand that the demands of a full-time work schedule require flexibility. To accommodate this need, all of our class sessions are recorded and students have the opportunity to catch up on coursework as time permits. Unlike some programs that require you to complete a residential component, our program doesn’t require you to sacrifice your current position or take time off in order to advance your career. 

A Flexible, Affordable Path at Clarkson 

In addition to our flexible online curriculum, we’ve designed our program to be adaptable to the ebbs and flows of your industry. Courses are taught on a quarter-based system, allowing you to choose from four different start times per year, rather than being confined to a traditional semester schedule. No matter when you start, you’ll benefit from learning alongside a diverse cohort of peers. 

With both full- and part-time options, you also have choices at Clarkson when it comes to your workload. Students who select full-time study can expect to complete their degree in as little as 11 months — faster than a traditional MBA. If you prefer, you can take two years to complete your degree with part-time study. 

We’re committed to making your pathway to an SCM affordable at Clarkson. All applicants for the Reh School of Business graduate programs are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship ranging from a 15% to 75% tuition discount. In granting funds, we take into account both your academic and work experience, so you can invest in your career without taking on a big financial risk. 

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