Month: October 2020

Undergraduate Programs

Using Zoom for Clarkson’s Undergraduate Admissions Virtual Events

As more and more colleges and universities continue to utilize Zoom for virtual events, interviews, tours and more, the Undergraduate Admissions team and I here at Clarkson have put together some tips, explanations and best practices for you to think about as you register for and attend college virtual admissions events.  My name is Carrie …

Undergraduate Programs

Birding Around Clarkson University and the North Country

A man stands on a wooden deck using binoculars to look into the distance while a spotting scope is mounted on a tripod in front of him. In the background is a body of water, surrounded by trees.

My name is Nick Kachala ’22, an aeronautical engineering major. I’m from south of Rochester, New York. I’ve been into birds seriously for eight years now and have considered myself an avid birder for the last seven of those. Besides birding, I’m a classical pianist and a hiking enthusiast. A birder is different from a …

Graduate Education

Advancing Your Career In Engineering Management

A group of people sitting at tables listening to a presentation

For engineers and those with backgrounds in STEM fields, an advanced degree offers the opportunity to develop a foundation in business and leadership. Leading a team, bidding on a contract, balancing the technical and social aspects of a project in a new industry like alternative energy – all of these are areas where a degree …