Month: December 2020

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A West Coast Student’s Perspective on Attending Clarkson

My name is Jackie Otala, Engineering Science MS ‘22 and Engineering and Management BS ‘20, and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. More specifically I was born and raised in Sunnyvale. I knew I wanted to be an engineer in high school because I had access to amazing engineering courses from …

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Political Science and Psychology: Why I Love The Flexibility in My Dual Major at Clarkson

Megan hugging a tree.

Hi! I’m Megan Flory, a senior here at Clarkson with dual majors in psychology and political science, and minors in environmental science and environmental policy. I’m from Wareham, Massachusetts, an Atlantic coastal town about seven hours away from Clarkson. My majors are part of both the Department of Psychology, as well as the Department of …

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All About Pre-Health Sciences Tracks at Clarkson

A Clarkson student works with instrumentation including a pipette and colored solution in a beaker.

Pre-Health Science tracks at Clarkson are the perfect way to prepare yourself for the next stage of your education or career while working through your major, whether your goal is to become a medical practitioner/professional, or work in the healthcare industry in a myriad of careers. Healthcare careers are often ranked among the best jobs …

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Why I Love Communication at Clarkson

A student in a blue tanktop poses with both thumbs up on a mountaintop on a sunny day.

Hello! My name is Abby Bashaw ’21, and I am a senior communication major with a minor in new product development & marketing here at Clarkson University. I am from Cape Vincent, New York, a little less than two hours from campus, in New York state’s Thousand Islands region, and I am so glad that …

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Two Things I Learned About Myself at Clarkson Biology Department

Hello! My name is Elyse Scott ‘22, and I am a junior biology major here at Clarkson. I am from a small town in New Hampshire and I originally came to Clarkson with the intention of pursuing an environmental engineering degree. However, I quickly learned a few things about myself and about my passions and …

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Ten Reasons to Join The Clarkson School

Emily McGrail

Hey everybody! My name is Emily McGrail ’24, and I am a business major attending The Clarkson School (TCS) this year. I have not graduated high school yet, but I am so blessed to be able to experience an opportunity as amazing as this early-college program. When I first began to consider beginning college a …

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My Clarkson School Experience and Advice for Schoolies to Come

Alexis posing in front of the golden knight statue.

My name is Alexis Johnson and I am in the Clarkson School, making me a “Schoolie,” (this is a traditional nickname for a student in the Clarkson School) but if I stayed in high school, I would have graduated in 2021.  I am from a small town about three hours from Clarkson – Holland Patent, …