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Starting my Art Business at Clarkson

The BRH Designs logo, which is a drawing of the author.

Hi! My name is Brynn Hempstead ‘24, and I am from Binghamton, NY. I am in Clarkson’s business program, and I am majoring in Supply Chain Management. If you join the business program, you will have many great opportunities, one of which is in a class called Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation I (SB113). Under the guidance …

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All About Clarkson’s Student-Run Business: College Care

Two students sit on a large stone posing in front of a statue of a knight.

One of the most traditional methods for family members to maintain a connection with their college student while they’re away at college is to send a care package. Here at Clarkson, a pair of brothers has taken the concept of a care package and turned it into a flourishing business that makes the process easier …

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Clarkson Ignite: New Spaces, New Opportunities

A two level view of the ERC

What will you do in college to chase your passion and prepare yourself for a lifetime of success? What will it take?  In a world where nearly half of all U.S. jobs are at risk of automation (Frey & Osborne, 2013), universities must create innovative content, delivery methods and programming to continue fostering talent that …

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How I Chose Clarkson University’s Reh School of Business and Why I’m Glad I Did

Hi everyone! My name is Zachary Golden and I am currently a senior innovation and entrepreneurship major at Clarkson University. I’ve had an incredible experience at Clarkson, and I wanted to share with you why I decided to attend Clarkson, why I chose business as my area of study and what my journey has been …

Undergraduate Programs

All About Clarkson Ignite

Artist rendering of the new renovations to be completed at Clarkson's Educational Resource Center

Hi All! My name is Erin Draper and I am the managing director of an exciting new initiative called Clarkson Ignite. I am also a double Clarkson alumna — I received my undergraduate degree in business administration and communications in 2003 and my Masters in Business Administration in 2014. Let me share some of the …