Month: October 2022

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Elevating My Passions with Political Science

Hello, I am Celia Darling, a junior here at Clarkson. I am studying Political Science with minors in Environmental Science, Environmental Policy, and Anthropology. In the 2+ years, I’ve spent here, I’ve been able to experience so many unique and awesome opportunities that are related to my passions. Not only have I been able to …


Supply Chain Management for the Working Professional: An Interview with Michelle Schnurr ’23, Supply Chain M.S.

Michelle Schnurr

How can my business adapt to changing supply fluctuations, implement new quality standards, adjust forecasting to changing market conditions, and communicate our value-added chain to customers? These are questions career professionals and current students in Clarkson’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program are answering. Whether building off an existing background in supply chain …