Month: March 2021

Graduate Education

Capturing the Starry Skies Around Clarkson

A starry night sky on a snowy Adirondack road

Hello, my name is Hyunjun Lim, and I am an occupational therapy student at Clarkson University. I came to the North Country from New York City and while the change of scenery is drastic, it has allowed me to become more active with one of my passions: night sky photography. Since coming to Potsdam, I …

Undergraduate Programs

Starting my Art Business at Clarkson

The BRH Designs logo, which is a drawing of the author.

Hi! My name is Brynn Hempstead ‘24, and I am from Binghamton, NY. I am in Clarkson’s business program, and I am majoring in Supply Chain Management. If you join the business program, you will have many great opportunities, one of which is in a class called Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation I (SB113). Under the guidance …

Graduate Education

Finding Your Place in the Business of Energy

An outdoor image of power lines and electricity towers in the sunrise lit sky.

From lighting and heating your home to fueling and maintaining an electric car, the products and benefits of energy production play a significant role in our daily lives. But how much does the average person really know about the energy business?  “Most people understand that electricity is generated somewhere, but they don’t understand what happens …