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Student Life Podcast: Episode 1 – Your Family’s Transition to College

Aleta Nims head shot.

The transition from high school to college can be difficult for both parents/families/supporters and their students. We sat down with Aleta Nims, the Director of Counseling here at Clarkson, to talk about that transition.

“I do end up speaking with a number of parents along the way… I don’t think it can be underestimated just how big of a transition it is to go from high school to college,” Nims says.

Nims talks about some of the struggles that parents, families, and supporters face during the transition, ranging from human development to how to set good boundaries to how to have that conversation when a boundary is crossed.

Nims also gives advice to students about how to talk to their parents or families when they see an issue arise. Nims says, “One thing I talk about with students is to begin to see your parents as adults and human beings and not just your parents… people who have their own struggles.” She notes that parents should try to prepare their student as much as they can for a life without constant parental support so they are prepared to succeed in college.

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