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Whether you’re in business or engineering, healthcare or education, or virtually any other field, the landscape is constantly changing. The good news is that change can be exciting. In fact, it often brings the types of opportunities that Clarkson graduates have a reputation for seizing and solving.

Change also often prompts some self-reflection about your career path—where you are now, your long-term goals and the possible steps along the way. If you’re like most people, that path will take you on some twists and turns you might not have expected.

This alumni blog series is designed to help you navigate that path by providing useful information and connecting you to valuable resources. Future posts will prepare you for some of the most common career situations, including:

  • How to position yourself for a promotion.
  • Deciding whether it’s time for a career change or pivot.
    • What are your interests and strengths and which careers are a good fit?
    • Are there skills you need to develop or hone in preparation for the change? How can you accomplish this?
  • Negotiating for an employer tuition benefit.
  • Dealing with “no,” whether for a new job or promotion.
    • How to solicit helpful feedback—and use it to get to “yes” next time.

The Clarkson Career Center offers a full suite of services for alumni at any stage of your professional life. William Jeffers, assistant director of professional and alumni career services, focuses exclusively on providing career support for Clarkson grads. And, if your goals include earning an advanced degree, Clarkson offers excellent graduate programs in business, engineering, education, health professions and the sciences.

Programs are available in Potsdam, at our Capital Region Campus in Schenectady and at our Beacon Institute in Beacon. Many include online, on-site, or hybrid (a mix of online and on-site) study options to accommodate your busy life. Special incentives for Clarkson alumni—including no application fee (a $50 savings), simplified transcript submission and waived testing requirements for some programs—make it even easier for Clarkson graduates to apply.

If you decide you want more information, our Graduate Admissions team is here to help. Contact us by emailing or calling (518) 631-9831.

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