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As you all are getting ready to land into your residence halls, find your way around campus and start making friends and meeting fellow classmates- you’ll eventually begin your academic year. One of the most important and helpful resources for your learning needs is the Clarkson University Libraries! We’re going to dive into what services are available here and where you can go to get them.

We spoke with two of our students who work in the main library-Rosalina Delwiche ’23, a Senior computer science major, and Riley Girard ’23, a Senior mechanical engineering major. We wanted to hear about their experiences and how we can best take advantage of our library services. Who better to ask about student services than students already working in the library? We also spoke with Michelle Young, the Dean of our Libraries to get an added librarian’s perspective.

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We want students to stop in and visit or chat with us online, just Ask a Librarian!  Our librarians do what they do because they want to empower people to learn and grow and be successful.

– Dean of Libraries, Michelle Young.

Where to find them!

Large white lettering spells out "Harriet Call Burnap Memorial Library" across a brown entryway, which overhands a circulation desk surrounded by other desks and chairs.
Main Library

Our main library and archives are located in the ERC (Educational Resource Center) and the Health Sciences Library is at Potsdam’s downtown campus, on the first floor of Clarkson Hall. The Libraries’ collection is comprised of materials in various formats including journals, books, audio visual materials, government documents and reports, Clarkson University dissertations, and archives. The Libraries provide services like, “askalibrarian,” research consultations, research assistance and more! They also have a 3-credit course:  Digital Citizenship & Information as Power (True Crime and Fake News sections). 

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Clarkson Hall & Old Main

There are so many research resources to learn about the history of Clarkson- that I wish other students knew about. We have a full collection of yearbooks and history on a bunch of clubs that as a student, those are valuable ways to learn about Clarkson’s history. So I wish more people had the opportunity to see these things.

Riley Girard ’23 B.S. Mechanical Engineering

A great place to study

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Study area in the ERC

Whatever you’re working on for your classes here in the library is a great place to get some work done. The Health Sciences Library is nestled near downtown which makes is a convenient spot for and students in the Lewis School of Health Sciences. In the ERC we have newly renovated tech enabled spaces to hang out and collaborate with other students. Rooms and study areas are available to be reserved by students and staff. Currently the other half of the facility currently undergoing renovations to make the spaces even better!

Opportunities for work!

Also, in addition to all of the services that have been mentioned above, the library is a great place to work as a student. You can find a job to do in public services technical services or even in the archives! For more information about student employment opportunities go to this page.

I started my freshman year even before I went to Clarkson. I knew that libraries like home. I wanted to find a place that’s inviting, and I’ve enjoyed my time. A lot of what I do here is catalog technical reports. On a typical day, I’m working on adding those to our system. There may be times where they need help in archives, so I may help out a little bit

– Rosalina Delwiche ’23 Computer Science
Two young women peruse a book in an aisle of the library, surrounded by books.
Students in the library stacks

I love the organization of it. Finding places for pieces, and I like being able to make displays… I always list this job on my resume. I think it shows that I can handle school and work simultaneously.

Riley Girard ’23 B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Not only acting to support our own library community, Clarkson University Libraries recently completed the Sustainable Library Certification Program for Academic Libraries. Dean of Libraries, Michelle Young, helped develop the program for the Sustainable Libraries Initiative. The idea was to provide more specialized guidelines and action items for other academic libraries than existing sustainability initiatives. Spearheading the development of the program and being the first Library to complete the certification shows how central Clarkson’s theme of sustainability is to our library. Speaking of sustainability, did you know you can borrow bikes from the library front desk? Read more about our knight rider bicycle rental program here!

Sustainability logo containing a Venn diagram of "Socialle equitable," "Environmentally sound," and "Economically feasible."

Whether you’re just arriving on campus or are coming to the end of your college experience the library is a great place to get support. Librarians want to help students make informed decisions with quality information. Asking for help when you feel you need it is an important step in growing as a student and knowing where to go is half the battle. The librarians here are friendly and really want to help!

It is the responsibility of libraries to bring information to everyone and broaden their understanding of themselves and the world. It is our responsibility to make sure that facts are not lost, that science is supported, that valid information is accessible to everyone, always, and without insurmountable barriers. 

Dean of Libraries – Michelle Young

We at the University Libraries want to sincerely welcome you to campus, and we look forward to supporting your goals and studies. Come on by and get some help or just stop by to say hello. We hope you find this information helpful as you begin your academic journey, good luck starting your first year here at Clarkson!

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