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Notable Alumna Women: Caralyn Mirand Koch

Clarkson alumna Caralyn Mirand Koch '14 poses while modeling fashion items as a content creator and owner of caralynmirand.com

Clarkson is made up of notable and impactful women who defy convention and challenge the status quo. We are grateful for this unique community of alumnae, staff, faculty, and students who leave their mark on our campus and our world. Check out our series of blog posts highlighting just a few remarkable alumni women!

Caralyn Mirand Koch '14, content creator/owner of caralynmirand.com, models fashion items. She studied innovation and entrepreneurship.
Caralyn Mirand Koch ’14

Meet Caralyn Mirand Koch, content creator, and owner of CaralynMirand.com. The Clarkson 2014 graduate, with a dual major in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a minor in Psychology, has taken the world by storm. Aside from owning her own website, Caralyn launched and designed Amazon’s first-ever size-inclusive collection, available worldwide, which is the proudest moment in her career so far! In this blog, we interview Caralyn about her career!

How do you feel your time at Clarkson has influenced your career?

My time at Clarkson allowed me to dream big and quite literally defy convention by pursuing a career within the fashion industry (something not common for most Clarkson grads) and completely be embraced by the community there. To this date, some of my closest friends and supporters are my Clarkson friends.

Have you been involved in any women-focused groups?

I joined Delta Zeta in Spring 2011!

[Editor’s Note: Delta Zeta is a sorority here at Clarkson, which encourages women to come together in friendship and the pursuit of knowledge.]

How do you encourage women empowerment/ leadership in your current position?

My passion is helping women from all walks of life feel good in the skin they’re in. I love sharing topics that may not be talked about commonly, like bras, undergarments, etc., and creating an open dialogue that helps women feel beautiful and confident.

Caralyn Mirand Koch '14 poses outside while modeling a dress and shoes.

What has been your biggest struggle as a woman in your career? Your biggest triumph?

I’ve been a champion for inclusivity within the fashion industry for over a decade; it’s imperative that brands cater to bodies of all shapes and sizes. I’ve worked closely with global brands to make their shopping experiences more inclusive.

Per your IG Bio “+ model | confidence crusader | creator” What does it mean to you to be a confidence crusader?

Caralyn Mirand Koch '14 models a pink sweater on a fall day.

I’m a content creator and curve model, sharing my authentic experiences to inspire you to be your most confident self and make getting dressed easier. I hope that my platforms are a happy place where you can feel included and uplifted.

Thank you for allowing us to feature you Caralyn! You can find Caralyn’s Instagram here.

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