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Why Biomolecular Science?

Devaun Baker, a Clarkson University student posing in front of the Price Hall building.

We recently sat down with DeVaun Baker, a sophomore Biomolecular Science major, to talk about the program and what to expect!

How and why did you choose Biomolecular Science here at Clarkson?

I really enjoy science, and want to go off to medical school to become a psychiatrist. While I really enjoy learning about psychology, I also like the other aspects of biology and chemistry. I was looking to major in biochemistry, and the major with the closest resemblance to a biochemistry major was biomolecular science.

What made you choose Clarkson?

I actually had never heard of Clarkson until I received a newsletter from The Clarkson School. I was looking for a way to gain college credit in my senior year of high school, and The Clarkson School was a perfect situation for me to head into college.

DeVaun, a Clarkson University student working in the lab.
DeVaun, working in the lab.

I finished high school over the summer and joined Clarkson the following fall. I stayed at Clarkson after that year, though, because of the connections and community. It is a small campus, meaning that as long as you apply yourself to it, you can make really strong connections with students and professors. This atmosphere allowed me to feel like I was setting myself up for success in the future.

What do you like about the Potsdam area?

Potsdam is the perfect-sized town. It has things to do and plenty of things in the surrounding area if you have a free weekend, but it isn’t so busy that it is distracting.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus?

I am involved in Clarkson University’s Emergency Medical Service. Currently, I am serving as the Treasurer, and am a part of the agency as a Non-medical member. I also am in Doctors Without Borders, the Minority Association of Premedical Students, and Clarkson’s Bass Fishing Club as a member.

Do you feel academically supported here at Clarkson?

Absolutely! The TAs and Professors are really approachable and usually are flexible with office hours. Most of the professors that I have encountered are really adamant about helping you to understand the material.

Have you done any professional experience?

I have done research in the Lufkin Lab for a year. We are looking at regenerative medicine and its application to the Intervertebral Disc. I also worked as a virtual scribe and volunteered at a hospice facility this summer.

Check out the Lufkin Lab, where DeVaun conducted research.

How do you plan to use your major after graduation?

I will apply to medical schools, most likely continue to do research, and possibly get a job in between the transition from college to medical school.

Can you share a positive relationship you have had with faculty/staff at Clarkson? How have they helped you while at Clarkson?

Dr. Kraus is my research professor in the Lufkin lab. She is very understanding of the commitments that I have that are outside of the lab. She is flexible when I need to study or get work done, and she really pushes me to maintain my academics since she understands that those are the foundations of my future. She is also very patient.

When I first started research, I knew absolutely nothing, but she was patient enough to answer my questions when I didn’t understand what we were doing. By the end of the spring 2022 semester, I was able to present in the RAPS event, and I was able to explain to others what the entire semester’s worth of research was about. She is a great mentor and is very supportive!

DeVaun standing in front of his research poster.

What would you tell someone that may be considering Clarkson? Considering your major?

Be ready for a challenge. It is hard, and there is an adjustment, but as long as you believe in yourself, you will make it. Clarkson has all the things you need to set yourself up for success in whatever your goals are, and more, but it will be important to take advantage of the opportunities and resources they provide you.

Author: Katie Berry

Hi, my name is Katie Berry! I am a senior in Biology and Communication. Media & Design. I am currently a member of Kappa Delta Chi, the American Cancer Society on Campus, and a student worker in the Marketing and External Relations Department. In my free time, I enjoy photography, reading, and coffee dates with my sorority sisters.

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