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Clarkson University stands as a beacon of excellence in undergraduate education, offering a rich tapestry of academic programs designed to shape students into future leaders. Renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation, Clarkson boasts an extensive array of undergraduate degrees spanning various disciplines.

Students at Clarkson can select from a multitude of undergraduate education programs, including but not limited to engineering disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. For those inclined toward business, programs like Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance are available. The university also provides degrees in Science fields such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, alongside Health Sciences including Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies. Furthermore, students can explore liberal arts disciplines like Psychology, History, and Political Science.

Central to Clarkson’s undergraduate education experience is its emphasis on hands-on learning opportunities. Through co-operative education placements, internships, and research projects, students gain practical experience and apply classroom theories to real-world scenarios. Strong partnerships with industry leaders ensure students have access to cutting-edge technology and invaluable networking opportunities, bolstering their career prospects upon graduation.

With small class sizes and dedicated faculty mentors, Clarkson fosters a supportive learning environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Beyond academics, the university offers a vibrant campus life enriched by a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations.

Clarkson University’s comprehensive undergraduate education programs, combined with its focus on experiential learning and supportive community, stand as a testament to its commitment to preparing students for success in their chosen fields and for making meaningful contributions to society.

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Getting an Edge in the Teacher Education Market

Few careers are as rewarding or as challenging as those in school teaching. Every class presents an opportunity to make a difference: to encourage, inspire and shape a student’s future. Teaching has never been an easy profession and, in many ways, today it’s more demanding than ever. But for those who are called to teach, …

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International Networking in the Netherlands

Clarkson Honors Student Catherine Jankowski spent her summer in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a beautiful place for a vacation, but Catherine Jankowski was visiting the country for a different kind of experience. This summer, Jankowski traveled to the Netherlands for her internship at BASF Forward AM, a 3D printing filament manufacturing company headquartered in …

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Why I Chose to Attend College a Year Early 

Hi, my name is Jordan Summerfield ’25, I’m eighteen years old, and I’m from Framingham, Massachusetts. I am a current Psychology major with a double minor in HR Management and Business Administration at Clarkson University, and I attended college a year early with The Clarkson School (TCS) last year.  Enrolling in an early college program …

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Clarkson University Students Participate in The Moles Annual Students Day at  MassDOT Project

Clarkson University juniors majoring in Civil Engineering traveled to Westborough Massachusetts for an unforgettable experience of professional development and networking opportunities through The Moles “Annual Students Day.” As a part of Clarkson University’s Construction Engineering Management program’s commitment to hands-on learning, the program took advantage of an invitation from The Moles to have the unique …

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What to Expect: Orientation and Convocation for First-Year Students

The Golden Knight with a thumbs up standing on cheel lawn with the student center in the background

Orientation for students who are new to the Clarkson Family is a new and exciting experience. There are a lot of opportunities to meet new people, explore a new campus and local community, and so much to learn about Clarkson as well as your area of study. Orientation for new students is designed to be …

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How to Reach Out to Your Roommate

Got your housing and roommate assignment? Now is the time to get in touch with your roommate and get to know them before moving into your residence hall in August. If you’re hung up on how to start that initial convo, we got you!  Here are some tips on how to reach out to your …

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Clarkson University Dining Basics

Clarkson University strives to offer a variety of food to fit the needs and desires of all students. Our goal is to ignite a passion for food with an emphasis on providing innovative dining solutions that positively impact student success, health and fitness, and community engagement. Here is your guide to the Clarkson dining basics, …

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An Introduction to the Career Center

You may have seen our faces already in admissions communications or your mailbox, or maybe you already know about co-ops and Career Fairs and factored them into your decision to come to Clarkson. We do help with what you might expect when you hear “Career Center,” like resumes, cover letters, and job searching, but we …

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Understanding Golden Knights: An Intro to Clarkson Lingo

Aerial View of Cheel Arena during the day

When you arrive at Clarkson there are a surprising amount of new names, places, and acronyms to learn for successfully navigating around campus. From Area Coordinators to Woodstock Village here is a list to get you started! AC – Area Coordinator, the Area Coordinators oversee the Resident Advisors and other Residence Life staff. ADK – …

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Top Questions by Prospective & Incoming Clarkson Parents: Residence Life & Dining Edition

Every spring, Clarkson University hosts Parent-to-Parent panels during accepted students events so that the parents of prospective and incoming Clarkson students can ask questions of current Clarkson parents. The following is a combination of the questions that were asked and answered during these events in Spring 2023. Along with a panel of several current Clarkson …