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When you apply to Clarkson University, you embark on a transformative academic journey characterized by excellence, innovation, and opportunity. With a renowned focus on STEM, business, and health sciences, Clarkson offers a diverse array of top-tier programs that equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields. From engineering to entrepreneurship, healthcare management to environmental science, Clarkson’s comprehensive academic offerings provide students with a breadth of options to pursue their passions and interests.

Clarkson’s commitment to affordability ensures that a Clarkson education remains accessible to all. Generous financial aid packages and scholarships help alleviate the financial burden, making Clarkson an attractive choice for students seeking exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Moreover, when you apply to Clarkson, you gain access to a supportive community where hands-on learning, groundbreaking research, and lifelong connections await. Clarkson’s high job placement rate and exceptional return on investment underscore the university’s dedication to student success. With strong industry partnerships and a dedicated career services department, Clarkson graduates are well-equipped to secure employment and thrive in their careers.

Prospective students can apply to Clarkson University through the Common Application or the Clarkson Application, with admissions counselors available to assist throughout the process. By choosing to apply to Clarkson, students join a supportive community where they can engage in hands-on learning, pursue groundbreaking research, and forge lifelong connections.

In summary, applying to Clarkson University offers prospective students the opportunity to access world-class academic programs, receive unparalleled support and guidance, and embark on a path towards a successful and fulfilling career. Join us at Clarkson and unlock your potential for academic and professional excellence.

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Making Clarkson Sidewalks More Efficient

For their Senior Design class, a group of Mechanical Engineering students decided to create a plan for adding heated sidewalks in front of Clarkson’s Cheel Arena. Originating from one student’s idea for another class, this group took this student engineering project to the next level for the culminating class of their undergraduate education. Let’s hear about …

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Student Life Spotlight: “Clarkson’s Got Talent” with Kelsey from the Office of Student Life

Hi! My name is Kelsey Sheehe and I am a senior this year at Clarkson, studying Applied Mathematics and Statistics. For the past five and a half semesters I have been a student employee for the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life, or OSL, is located in the Student Center and creates …

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Psychology at Clarkson: Why I Chose to Stay After The Clarkson School

Just one semester into my college career, I was sitting at a coffee shop in my hometown while on winter break. Clad in my Clarkson sweatshirt, a man approached me and asked if I attended Clarkson. It turned out that he had graduated from Clarkson a few years prior, and he asked about my field …

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A Journey of Discovery: My Global Experience Trip with The Clarkson School

Hi, my name is Carly LaBow ’25 and I am from LaFargeville, New York. I am a current Business Administration major with a double minor in Human Resource Management and Communications. I attended The Clarkson School (TCS) last year as the Class of 2023.  Around this time last year, I found myself learning the basics …

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Navigating the Transition: A Guide to Thriving in The Clarkson School

Carly LaBow sitting on the brick wall in her TCS graduation gown with her diploma

Embarking on the journey from high school to college can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. For those who are taking the step into the realm of higher education through The Clarkson School, the transition can be quite earlier than expected. However, this exhilarating adventure is filled with opportunities for personal and academic growth. Speaking from …

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My Future Plans as a Psychology Major Who Attended The Clarkson School 

Two women sitting on the steps in the Student Center Forum holding a book

Hi, my name is Jordan Summerfield ’25, I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Framingham, Massachusetts. I am a current Psychology major with a double minor in Human Resource Management and Business Administration at Clarkson University, and I attended The Clarkson School (TCS) last year. The Clarkson School is a hands-on early college program, for …

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Cracking the Code: What to Expect When Attending The Clarkson School

My name is Sarah Jane. I attended The Clarkson School (TCS) in 2020 and have since continued my studies here at Clarkson University. I have a double major in Psychology and Mathematical Economics with a minor in project management. As I’m in my last semester at Clarkson and approach graduation, I’ve been reflecting back on …

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Getting an Edge in the Teacher Education Market

Few careers are as rewarding or as challenging as those in school teaching. Every class presents an opportunity to make a difference: to encourage, inspire and shape a student’s future. Teaching has never been an easy profession and, in many ways, today it’s more demanding than ever. But for those who are called to teach, …

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International Networking in the Netherlands

Clarkson Honors Student Catherine Jankowski spent her summer in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a beautiful place for a vacation, but Catherine Jankowski was visiting the country for a different kind of experience. This summer, Jankowski traveled to the Netherlands for her internship at BASF Forward AM, a 3D printing filament manufacturing company headquartered in …

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Why I Chose to Attend College a Year Early 

Hi, my name is Jordan Summerfield ’25, I’m eighteen years old, and I’m from Framingham, Massachusetts. I am a current Psychology major with a double minor in HR Management and Business Administration at Clarkson University, and I attended college a year early with The Clarkson School (TCS) last year.  Enrolling in an early college program …