Author: Jacob McNamara


A Starter on North Country Outdoor Adventures

A winding river

Nestled just north of the Adirondack park is Clarkson’s Potsdam campus. Being so close to an open expanse of wilderness like the Adirondacks makes Clarkson a prime starting point for all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether it’s participating in one of the trips hosted by our very own Outing Club or striking out on your …


Understanding Golden Knights: An Intro to Clarkson Lingo

Aerial View of Cheel Arena during the day

When you arrive to Clarkson there are a surprising amount of new names, places and acronyms to learn for successfully navigating around campus. From Area Coordinators to Woodstock Village here is a list to get you started! AC – Area Coordinator, The Area Coordinators oversee the Resident Advisors and other Residence Life staff. ADK– The …


Eight Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Near Clarkson

Sweet Margaret Potsdam, NY A look at their ‘Potsdam Sandstone’ storefront If you’re looking for a unique set of sweet and baked options, Sweet Margaret Dessert & Bubble Tea shop is the place for you. In 2020 they moved to Potsdam but have been serving macarons, savory breads, pork belly buns and more since 2017. …