Author: Jacob McNamara


Understanding Golden Knights: An Intro to Clarkson Lingo

When you arrive to Clarkson there are a surprising amount of new names, places and acronyms to learn for successfully navigating around campus. From Area Coordinators to Woodstock Village here is a list to get you started! AC – Area Coordinator, The Area Coordinators oversee the Resident Advisors and other Residence Life staff. ADK– The …


Eight Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Near Clarkson

Hi Everybody! I’m Jacob McNamara, a Clarkson grad of ‘16. I’m from Madrid, NY which is just ten miles down the road from Clarkson. Since I grew up in the North Country-I’m going to share some of my favorite places to go, things to see and some ongoing tips for thriving up North. In this post …