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Discovering Cricket at Clarkson University: An International Student’s Journey

As an international student from India and a passionate cricket enthusiast, my journey to Clarkson University was driven not just by academic aspirations, but also by my love for cricket. My name is Manish, and I want to share my personal experiences and perspectives on playing cricket at Clarkson University, and how it has helped me feel at home in a new country.

The Search for Cricket in the USA

When I began my search for universities offering master’s programs in Data Science in the USA, I had many questions beyond just the course curriculum. I wondered if there were also universities where cricket is played, and if they conducted cricket tournaments. These questions were important to me as someone who is deeply passionate about cricket. In the end, I was admitted to Clarkson and chose to study here.

I arrived at Clarkson University well before the semester started in order to acclimate to the locality and conditions. Within a few days, I met other university mates, many of whom were also international students with a shared interest in cricket. It was a relief to discover that cricket was indeed played across the University. With a few friends, we took a college shuttle to the ground where cricket games were held.

The ground we reached is a soccer field, which is quite different from the cricket pitches we are used to back home. In India, we typically play on flat cricket pitches or any available flat ground, but here we adapted to playing on a grass soccer field. Initially, it was challenging to adjust, but eventually, we got used to it.

The importance of Cricket: The Clarkson Cricket Club 

Soon after settling in, we heard about the Clarkson Cricket Club, which organizes tournaments. Excitedly, we registered for the tournament. It was heartening to see the level of enthusiasm and organization for cricket at Clarkson University, something I had not expected to find in the USA. The group includes students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, as well as Indian students like me. 

One of the most delightful surprises was discovering that for much of the year, sunsets happen later here. This means we can play cricket for extended hours, even after classes. In India, we often wished for longer days to continue our games, and here, with longer days and fields with night lighting, we can enjoy playing cricket to our heart’s content.

For many international students like me, cricket is more than just a sport; it’s a passion and a connection to our home country. Playing cricket at Clarkson University has not only provided a sense of familiarity and comfort but has also helped me build friendships and develop a sense of community among international students.

My journey at Clarkson University has been enriched by the unexpected yet wonderful opportunity to continue playing cricket. It has helped me maintain a connection to my culture and provided a source of joy and camaraderie in a foreign land. For any prospective international students who share a passion for cricket, Clarkson University offers a welcoming and supportive environment to pursue your academic and sporting interests. We would love to broaden the range of countries represented on our cricket pitch. 

Stay tuned for more of my experiences and stories as I navigate life as an international student at Clarkson University.

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