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Clarkson University boasts a vibrant athletic program that enriches campus life and fosters a strong sense of community among students, faculty, staff, and alumni. With a proud history of athletic excellence, Clarkson Athletics offers a wide range of varsity sports teams competing at the NCAA Division I level, as well as club and intramural sports for students of all skill levels.

At the heart of Clarkson Athletics is a commitment to excellence both on and off the field. Student-athletes are dedicated to achieving success in their respective sports while upholding the university’s rigorous academic standards. Through hard work, determination, and teamwork, Clarkson athletes consistently demonstrate their prowess in competition and their dedication to representing the Golden Knights with pride.

The Clarkson Athletics program encompasses a diverse array of sports, including ice hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and many more. The Golden Knights compete in the prestigious ECAC Hockey conference and enjoy fierce rivalries with other schools in the region, adding excitement and intensity to each game.

In addition to varsity sports, Clarkson Athletics provides opportunities for students to participate in club and intramural sports, allowing them to stay active, build camaraderie, and pursue their athletic interests outside of the competitive arena. With numerous sports teams and sports-related student organizations, as well as a variety of intramural teams, students have ample opportunities to engage in athletic activities that suit their interests and skill levels.

Furthermore, Clarkson Athletics plays a vital role in fostering school spirit and pride. Athletic events serve as rallying points for the Clarkson community, bringing together students, alumni, and fans to cheer on their beloved Golden Knights. Through their achievements on the field and their contributions to campus life, Clarkson athletes embody the spirit of excellence and camaraderie that defines Clarkson University.

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